Client Testimonials

The Shamsi Law Firm, APC is the GREATEST! I highly recommend them! The staff are AMAZING, and Attorney Sean, what can I say…He works hard to get what you deserve! I am very grateful for all he has done for me. I give him and his firm, the highest review and would definitely refer him.

— Wilma

Having The Shamsi Law Firm, APC take my case was THE BEST decision ever. Sean and Susy made me feel comfortable with everything that had to do with my case. I ended up feeling like friends with both, Sean and Susy. If you’re looking for someone to take your case, look no further. If ever someone asks me to refer them to a law firm, it will be The Shamsi Law Firm, APC. THANK YOU!

— Maria

Sean was the only attorney willing to take on my slip and fall case. All other attorneys I had contacted previous to Sean refused my request because I had waited until almost the last minute for a consultation even though I had already acquired all of the required paperwork and materials any attorney would need for the lawsuit. Sean expertly guided me through the full legal process right through the final mediation (my best option) in which I prevailed.

— Ted

Very professional and helpful person, I had several cases with him in car accidents. He is very detailed, organized and very respectful. He helps client in timely manner and also he is very sensitive toward clients rights. I strongly recommend him and his law firm to anybody that needs law firm to handle their cases and get the best result ever. Thanks Mr. Shamsi!

— Dennis

Atty. Shamsi is an honest, direct to the point Atty and will explain to you (clients) all the details and expectations from the beginning, toward the process and until the very end. Atty. Shamsi make sure you (the client) will recover back from your injuries, he will make sure you see the best Medical Dr’/facilities and ensure you are back again to a healthy status which is the most important and will fight to the very end until you get all the compensations you deserved. Some cases takes longer than the other, but he updates you on what is happening. I hired Atty three times already (POV accident) and been very happy with the results. Thank you Atty. Sean Shamsi.

— Joel

I was involved in a car accident with prior neck damage history. Sean got my case settled in about 8 months. Very firm. Definitely staying in my contacts.

— Kevin

I had to use Mr. Shamsi in a couple of cases and I have to tell you that in my case Mr. Shamsi was very courteous in taking my phone call himself and not his secretary. He invited me to his office and listen to my case, took notes and furthermore, he gave me some choices as to how my case should be handled. In short, Mr. Shamsi won my case which it had to do with my little daughter and her school. He also made sure that the money we received was paid in a timely matter, and also the money was invested for the little one till she is 18 years of old in a proper account which bears interest. He did not have to go to those lengths but he did. I would recommend and use Mr. Shamsi again.

— Benny